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Published: 19th January 2011
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It is a common acquired disorder of primary pigmentary disturbance of unknown origin, but causes a stoppage of melanin formation by the melanocytes. Strong suggestions however support for autoimmunity, and the condition is often seen to be determined genetically. Some cases therefore give a family history. It is also produced due to trauma and prolonged pressure (e.g. tight binding petticoat), and following healing of a wounds. The condition is found to have certain association with autoimmune thyroiditis, Addision’s disease, pernicious anemia, morphed, malignant melanoma and diabetes mellitus.

Nutritional imbalances to few elements and use of certain drugs and chemicals can also produce the condition. Although it may develop at any age 20 years.

Leucoderma is a loosely applied terminology used to express depigmented skin lesions. In fact until and unless a diagnosis if a depigmented area is confirmed and also histologically vitiligo shows no abnormality except partial or complete loss of pigment-producing melanocytes within the epidermis.

Clinical manifestations

The condition present with varying and irregular sized and shaped sharply demarcated, completely depigmented macules in patches. Surrounded by normal or hyperpigmented skin (fig. 2.9 and 2.10). The lesions occur on any part of body but usually on the face, hands and feet, axillae, groins and genitalia. The lesions may also coalesce together to from large patches, sometimes the lesions may appear as hypopigmented rather than depigmented.

The lesions become more obvious in summer because of the increased pigmentation in surrounding skin. The lesions however do not give rise to any scaling, and may remain static or progress slowly. Otherwise, the condition is completely asmptomatis with no structural change or loss of sensation in the affected areas. Nevertheless, in dark-skinned persons the condition often causes great frustration and embarrassment.

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